Day of Doing – Journalism Education Association


What’s in it for me?
The chance to sharpen your skills. The chance to practice what you preach. The chance to work with your friends (optional). The chance to show off what you can do.
We will also provide a certificate of participation if you need to demonstrate professional growth.
We will also do a ‘Best of’ award series.

How do I sign up?
Sign the email petition below and we will send you detailed information about how to participate in the Day of Doing. (Don’t forget to check if anyone in your area might want to work together with you.)

I’m working with a group. How do we sign up together?
Sign the email petition individually. When we send you the participation guidelines, just send us back ONE form with all of your names.

When is the Day of Doing?
There is not one single day. Any day between June 1 and August 1 is OK to participate. You will pick your own project, day and time to work as well as your submission deadline. Start checking your calendar to see when you’re available!

What am I supposed to do?
This is your chance to DO JOURNALISM. Anything you might expect a staff member to do when covering an event is probably OK. You might want to write a news, feature or opinion story, craft a multimedia piece or create a photo gallery. The intensity of the project is completely up to you.

How do I submit the work I’ve done?
Specific guidelines will be sent to all participants in May. Watch your email.

What happens to the work I submit?
Once submitted, Carrie or Sarah will double check that everything ¬†follows the submission guidelines. Then, expect to see it on the Day of Doing website by the Monday following your Friday submission deadline (you will choose this date). Be sure to check back all summer to see your friends’ work too.